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FEAR - Finite Elemental Analysis of a Ring Transducer

FEAR is a FEA program that creates, controls, and analyzes a 3D ring transducer.  No FEA experience is necessary as the program is designed to be very user-friendly.  The entire program is managed in 1 MATLAB GUI. This 1 window allows the user to quickly and easily control the program.  Inputs include dropdown boxes listing numerous active material options for the piezoelectric ring. Appropriate dimensions are clearly presented for adjustment.  The ring can be modeled in the 31 or 33 mode either air backed or free flooded.  Air backed implies air is in the center of the ring. TVR and FFVS values are plotted for 0, 30, 60, and 90 degree cases. Prior to running the model through ANSYS, MATLAB will provide a 2d axisymmetric sketch of the design.  When prompted by the user, MATLAB tells ANSYS to perform the analysis via batch mode.  Batch mode allows for greater efficiency and the user does not have to interface with ANSYS at all.  When ANSYS is complete, an excel spreadsheet of the results is created which MATLAB reads to bring the results to the GUI.  All of these actions are "behind the scenes".  Plots are also created and an image of the FEA model is available to view in MATLAB.

FEAR comes with 1 MATLAB file and a text file for assistance.  Only 1 MATLAB file is required to run the program.  All other files are generated automatically as needed by FEAR. Thus, they can be deleted at any time.  Furthermore, a save and load feature is in place to quickly describe inputs and outputs.  This model is axisymmetric in nature for fast analysis.  By default, inputs are set up so the program can run on ANSYS ED.  For larger element sizes, the full version of ANSYS is required.  Support and updates will be instituted as necessary.


System Requirements:

           Windows Operating System, MATLAB 2007 or greater, Microsoft Excel, ANSYS and/or ANSYS ED

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