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    New High Performance Transducers through
    FEA modeling with over 40 years experience.


    Image Acoustics, Inc. provides research, development, design, testing and analysis consulting services in the following areas:

    Large Transducers
    Medium Transducers
    Small Transducers


    Image Acoustics, Inc. was formed in 1974 to provide acoustical engineering services to both industry and government.  The services range from theoretical studies to the development of practical designs, particularly in the area of acoustical transducers. Assistance is also provided in the development of a product including recommendations for manufacturing and testing. Advice, education and direction are offered along with a battery of analytical tools and computer programs which we have developed. The transducer types that are within our interest include sonar, audio and ultrasonic devices typically used for oceanographic, government, entertainment, industrial or medical application. The company was formed and is directed by Dr. John L. Butler who has over 40 years in-depth research, development, and design experience in electro-acoustic transducers and transducer arrays for underwater and air applications. Dr. Butler is co-author of "Transducers and Arrays for Underwater Sound, 2nd ed. " with Dr. Charles Sherman (Springer, NY, 2016). He holds over twenty-five patents, has published over 30 papers on electro-acoustic transducers and was elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America in 1977. Dr. Butler was also a recipient in 2015 of the Silver Medal in Engineering Acoustics for advancing the field of acoustic transducers and transducer design. 

    Adam J. Blanchard is a Senior Acoustical Engineer at Image Acoustics, Inc. and joined the team in 2018. Adam leads Image Acoustics’ transducer modeling effort using ANSYS. Adam previously worked for Lockheed Martin as a Senior Systems Engineer in Newport, RI, where he led their small business support efforts. He led a team of engineers supporting small businesses and was actively involved in all acoustic testing. Adam completed his BS and MS in Ocean Engineering in 2013 and 2014 at the University of Rhode Island, and is currently working on an MBA at URI (expected completion in 2020).




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