Image Acoustics, Inc. was formed in 1974 to provide acoustical engineering services to both industry and government.  The services range from theoretical studies to the development of practical designs, particularly in the area of acoustical transducers. Assistance is also provided in the development of a product including recommendations for manufacturing and testing. Advice, education and direction are offered along with a battery of analytical tools and computer programs which we have developed. The transducer types that are within our interest include sonar, audio and ultrasonic devices typically used for oceanographic, government, entertainment, industrial or medical application. The company was formed and is directed by Dr. John L. Butler who has over 35 years in-depth research, development, and design experience in electro-acoustic transducers and transducer arrays for underwater and air applications. Dr. Butler is co-author of "Transducers and Arrays for Underwater Sound," with Dr. Charles Sherman (Springer, NY, 2007). He holds over twenty patents, has published over 30 papers on electro-acoustic transducers and was elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America in 1977.

Image Acoustics, Inc. uses Finite Element Analysis and a battery of transducer and array computer programs to perform efficient and effective design and analysis. Many of these programs were developed and coded at Image Acoustics, Inc. and are available for commercial use. For information on Image software see "Software" on the Image homepage.


 Image Acoustics has provided services to the following firms:

American Superconductor Corporation, Devens, MA

Applied Research Laboratory, Penn State, PA

Cambridge Acoustical Associates, Medford, MA

Benthos, Inc., North Falmouth, MA

Edge Technologies, Ames, Iowa

ITT Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT

Ferro Solutions Inc.,  Woburn, MA

Falmouth Scientific Inc., Cataumet, MA

General Electric, Syracuse, N.Y.

Gould, Inc., Glen Bernie, MD

International Transducer Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA

L-3 Communications, Burlington, MA

Massa Products Corporation, Hingham, MA

Materials Systems, Inc, Littleton, MA

Naval Air Development Center, Warminster, PA

Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, RI

Office of Naval Research, Arlington, VA

ORI, Inc., Silver Spring, MD

Plessey Australia Pty. Limited, Sydney, NSW Australia

Raytheon Company, Portsmouth, RI

Sippican Ocean Systems, Inc., Marion, MA

Texas A&M, ODP Operation, College Station, TX

Ultra Electronics Ocean Systems, Braintree, MA

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Annapolis, MD